By studying fundamental mechanisms regulating short- and long-term metabolic adaptation to genetic and chemical perturbations, our lab aims at finding new and unconventional therapeutic strategies, from antibacterial to anticancer drugs. To this end, we combine high-resolution- and throughput mass spectrometry with mathematical modelling to identify vulnerabilities in the regulation of metabolism and search for novel drug modes of action and ways to bypass drug resistance.

In parallel, our goal is to create a lab environment that will stimulate curiosity, and foster excellence in training, scientific productivity, interdisciplinary and collaborative studies, personal and professional development.

Our research has been funded by grants from the Worldwide Cancer Research Foundation, Krebsliga, the Novartis Foundation, the National Cancer Institute, the Swiss Scientific Exchange Programme, SNF, ETH and NIH. We are part of the NCCR Antiresist consortium, Focal Area of Research in Oncology (FARO) and have established a growing network of international collaborators from both, industry and academia.